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Groupon Goes Big on Small Business

Building great communities is one of Groupon’s five core values, and the company is committed to continuing to promote initiatives that help foster economic development and growth of small businesses. Eighty-five percent of Groupon’s U.S. merchant population have 20 or fewer employees and nearly one-third are sole proprietors.

For the last 9 years, Groupon has been connecting people with local businesses. Learn how small-business owners are using the platform to grow sales, acquire customers, and ingrain themselves in their communities.


Groupon is building the daily habit in local commerce, offering a vast mobile and online marketplace where people discover and save on amazing things to do, see, eat and buy. By enabling real-time commerce so shoppers can find the best a city has to offer.

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Our Social Responsibility mission is simple: to help people and communities thrive and prosper. We do this through a secret formula of employee do-goodery, responsible business practices, customer collaboration and nonprofit investment.

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Small Business

Every day, Groupon champions small business by providing an online marketplace for local merchants that simultaneously helps customers discover their communities. We also understand that a more holistic approach is needed to sustain a prosperous community.

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